Sooner Construction & Restoration provides fire, wind and water damage restoration for commerical and residential customers.  We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and will advocate on your behalf to make sure your needs are met and your home is repaired in a timely manner. Let us meet with the adjuster to help you through the process. Whether it's water, wind or fire damage- we are prepared to restrore your home. 


Wanting a fresh new look? Have the needs in your home or workplace changed? Let us provide you with options for remodeling your home or office. Whether it's just sprucing up with new paint, and flooring or stained concrete, perhaps adding new tile and cabnetry, or installing new windows and doors or siding,, or even redesigning part of your home to keep up with your needs- let us help you through the process from concept and design - to finished look. 

new construction

Sooner Construction & Restoration can help you with all your new construction needs. Want more room? If you need a room addtion to accomodate a growing family or changing needs at home, or if you want to build a workshop, garage or barn - let us show you your options. We also provide whole home new construction - whether your just wanting to build or after a loss from fire or wind. We even have you "covered" for patios and pergolas.